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Founded by national beverage industry technology leader, innovator and entrepreneur Michael Michail. Today Synergy Brands, Inc. is operated by President and General Manager Alex Michail who has expanded the company into foreign imports, building national distribution throughout the United States by importing leading technology beverages from foreign markets. 

Synergy Brands has the people and the technology to create bold new beverage products that allow us to dominate our market segments. Our organizational capabilities include:

Proprietary research

At Synergy, we believe in knowing where the market is today and, more important, where it will be in 5 or 10 years. We conduct extensive research to understand all aspects of our consumers and how to market our products more effectively. In particular, we study the current beverage consumption patterns of our target market to determine what products, sizes and flavors they will want in the future.

Unique packaging.

We are not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to design and packaging. Our distinctive packaging is legendary within the industry, and has set the standard for its bold use of color and dynamic design principles. We spare no expense when it comes to packaging, as our product and packaging designs are industry leading.

Leading beverage specialists.

Synergy Brands employs top-tier beverage specialists, including one of the world’s leading microbiologists, to guide our product development efforts. Our brand developers, food chemists and scientists all have extensive experience in new product development. Our combination of people and technology enable us to develop and introduce innovative beverage products that leave more traditional products behind.

Nationwide distribution

We utilize the largest and most efficient national beverage distribution centers in all 50 states. Our wholesalers can be found in every major metropolitan area around the country, and are often the market leaders in their respective cities.

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