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Cocomax Pressed

Introducing a brand new coconut water with pressed coconut in a ready-to-drink PET bottle. Feel refreshed. Indulge in the richness of coconut enhanced with natural sweetness, aroma, electrolytes and a taste everyone enjoys.

Cocomax with Lychee

Coconut water with Lychee! Our unique recipe that gives new meaning to joyful refreshment. Enjoy the new sensation of pure coconut water with exotic Lychee to rejuvenate you to the max.

Cocomax Coconut Water

Rejuvenate to the max with natures miracle drink, coconut water. Cocomax is produced using a unique cold-aseptic filling technology that yields the best quality, naturally sweet tasting coconut water with less sugar. Cocomax total sugar yield is less than 3 grams, we add an additional 4 grams to bring the total to 7 grams. This is the lowest amount of sugar added when compared to any other coconut water on the market.

Xpress Energy Drink

Xpress Energy Drink is formulated to provide long sustainable energy utilizing its engineered blend of premium balanced ingredients and vitamins. By making Xpress a part of your day, you will feel the difference between dreaming about your goals and being able to achieve them. Also available Xpress Low-Carb enjoy with just 10 calories per serving! Take part in expressing your story today. Xpress yourself!

Xpress Hydration

Xpress® Hydration is a proven hydration formula for everyday people who express themselves. Xpress® Hydration refuels your body to help sustain your busy lifestyle. Whatever you do in life, Xpress® understands the hydration your body needs to reach peek performance. With Xpress® Hydration you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, there really are no limits. Tell us how you express yourself.

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